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Glasses Cleaning Guide!

Clean Glasses

Smudges and grease occurrence on your lenses are a common problem when your skin excretes oil and dirt from day to day handling. Using water to clean your glasses should be avoided for metal frames, although washing up liquid is the preferred choice with its’ ability to cut through grime. Soap on the other hand does not have the same qualities and may cloud up the lenses.

We recommend solutions that allow your glasses to last longer combining not just better vision but a long-term investment to ensure that you take quality care for your glasses.

Incorrect cleaning can cause microscopic scratches over time, wearing down the lenses and also affecting your vision as your eyes try harder to focus.

Glasses hygiene is essential for safeguarding your eye health. Accumulated dirt can create harmful bacteria which in effect causes eye infections or inflammation of the eyelids. We offer cleaning sprays with optimum cleaning power to remove dirt and grease carried from your fingers onto your glass or plastic lenses. Cleaning your glasses correctly is important on preventing scratches. Professional lens cleaners such as, Solution 30 offers an Eco-friendly method on effectively removing dirt, finger-prints and grease.

How to remove scratches from the lenses?

There is no miracle cure for scratches on lenses, the best option is prevention. We offer anti-scratch lenses for single vision, bifocal and multifocal prescriptions, which has the ability to keep fog, rain and snow at bay. This hard coating means that you have a stronger lens, whether you drop them on the occasion or mistreat them through mishandling, they are more durable than your ordinary plastic lenses.

Anti-reflection coating has the ability to cut reflection from artificial lighting, although proper cleaning is needed to ensure you gain its’ optimum performance. Transition lenses should also be cleaned with care and kept in its’ case when not in use. Luke warm water is suitable for cleaning these glasses. A warning on using window cleaner on your lenses is given as this can cause damaging effects.

Avoiding any abrasive material on your lenses is also important to preventing scratches on the lenses. Tissues is also not recommended as this can attract fibers and debris creating streaks on your eyewear. This is why we offer the highest quality microfiber cloth in comparison to our competitors. These are available during your glasses collection and allows you to take necessary care for your lenses, as we know vision is important and personal care outside of the opticians is just as crucial.

Recommended products are Zeiss Lens wipers, these pre-moisturized tissues offer a gentle touch to your lens cleaning routine. Free from fragrances and harsh aggressive cleaning, offering better cleaning than just water for on the go usage.


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