With our advanced technology, our optometrists are able to see beneath the surface of your eye to gain a full understanding of your eye health. An OCT scan uses waves of light to detect the optic nerve at the back of your eye and the layers that make up your retina.


We recommend OCT scans for those aged 25 or over, or if you are at heightened risk of developing eye conditions like glaucoma, however, many of our patients have opted for an OCT for greater peace of mind about their eye health.


The scan process is quick, painless and nothing will touch your eye. You simply place your chin on the rest and the machine emits a small flash a little like the flash from a digital camera.


Many common eye diseases begin with no symptoms, so even if you believe your eyes are healthy and your vision is fine, an OCT scan can detect the first signs of any changes that may indicate a problem.


An OCT scan can detect potentially sight-threatening conditions such as:


Diabetic retinopathy

Age-related macular degeneration

Disorders of the optic nerve.

By attending multiple OCT scans over the years, we can compare the results and quickly spot any subtle changes in the thickness of the layers.


Changes can indicate early signs of eye conditions, making it much easier for us to diagnose, treat and manage before they have the potential to seriously affect your eye health and eyesight.


Mike Ward - 5/2/2021

Great service, really thorough eye examination with scans and retinal photography.

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