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A simple guide to Ortho K:

  • Ortho K offers you freedom from glasses and additionally from all daytime contact lenses.

  • It is completely reversible.

  • It can correct moderate short-sighted prescriptions and some astigmatism.

  • It is also recommended for children as it can slow short-sighted progression.

  • Custom-made, highly gas-permeable lenses are worn each night.

  • It is a great alternative to laser eye surgery.

  • If you require any more information please have a look at the manufacturers website here.

Who can consider OrthoK?

  • Low to Medium short-sighted prescriptions (ask us if your prescription is within the treatable range).

  • Contact lens wearers who find they can’t get the comfort their lifestyle demands.

  • Those whose activities aren’t ideal for glasses or contact lens wear.

  • People who’ve considered laser treatment but are concerned about the risks or can’t be treated.

What is the procedure?

  • A current glasses prescription is needed to start the trial which can be our eye examination or we accept other opticians prescriptions.

  • Images are taken of the cornea using a Topographer which bounces light off the front of  the eye.

  • Custom-made lenses are worn only at night to gently reshape the front of the eye using it’s tear layer.

  • We show how to insert, remove and care for the lenses.

  • Further images are taken and prescription re-measured at each visit.

  • The number of visits to get full effect varies (usually between 3 and 6 over a period of 1 to 3 months).

  • Wear can be ceased at any time and the eyes then return to their previous prescription within a few days.

How much does it cost?

  • £100 on first ordering lenses.

  • £100 by direct debit 1 month later.

  • £45pm by direct debit after that.

What does this provide?

  • All appointments including future full eye examinations.

  • New lenses automatically every 6 months.

  • All solution to clean the lenses.

  • Unlimited replacement lenses if damaged.

  • One pair of replacement lenses a year if lost.

  • Discounts on sunglasses and other accessories.

Any  Questions?

  • To learn more about ortho k, please ask our optometrist (Tom Jackson) using or directly on 07976 278064.

  • To ask about the scheme or book an appointment please contact us.

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