Here we show just a small selection of brands that we have available. If there is something you are looking for in particular, then please speak to us, we would love to help you find that perfect look.


Finding you your perfect pair of spectacles is our priority. We can talk you through what glasses would best suit your lifestyle, face shape, wants and needs with our personalised eyewear styling

Our collection of women’s, men’s and kid’s frames includes a wide range of styles, from traditional classic designs to bold and contemporary. 


Being independent opticians means we have the freedom to order frames from a huge variety of suppliers, which gives you a wider choice of frames, styles, colours and sizes to choose from. If you can’t find exactly what you are after in practice, our staff will be happy to order alternatives for you to view and try on.


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Lenses are an important part of choosing your new frames. Good quality spectacle lenses improve your vision, make your spectacles look more attractive and be more comfortable to wear.


With there being so many lens combinations now available, our expert advice can help you make the correct choice for you that is within your budget.  


Our lens range includes:


  • Varifocal - with a gradual change of power as you look down the lens, these are perfect for clear vision at all distances

  • Bifocal lenses - more convenient than separate pairs (for distance and near) and can be dispensed with the most appropriate width of reading area for your needs.

  • High index lenses - super thin and lightweight high index lenses for more complex prescriptions

  • Photochromic lenses - e.g. Transitions -  are fast acting, variable tinted lenses which darken in sunlight and stay clear indoors. 


Lenses can be enhanced with coatings and finishes that not only protect their surface but your eyes too. We offer coatings such as Antireflection that reduce reflections from artificial lighting and car headlights, improve the appearance of your glasses and give you clearer vision.




Our team understands that your frames are an extension of you, which is why we offer everyone of our patients personalised eyewear styling when choosing frames at Oakwood Eyecare.


Learn more about how we make selecting eyewear special and book your eyewear styling consultation with us.

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