We offer a good choice of prescription sunglasses in stunning styles, many of which can be made to your individual prescription and are produced to the same high standard as our spectacles.


You can choose between various branded manufacturers including: Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Ted Baker, Cocoa Mint and many more!

If you already wear spectacles, you can still have good quality sunglasses. They can be made to your prescription with single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses and can also be made thinner for those higher optical prescriptions.

We are aware that different lifestyles and sunlight conditions often call for different types of sunglasses. This is why we are happy to advise and recommend you the best style and lens options to suit you and your lifestyle, ensuring your eyes receive the best possible protection.

Prescription sunglasses Oakwood Eyecare.
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Cocoa Mint sunglasses.jpg



Specialist sports eyewear is available for almost everyone, regardless of the sport you play. There are also a number of tints, filters, coatings and lens designs that can be applied to the eyewear to further enhance visual acuity and peripheral awareness.


Depending on what activity you like to get involved with, we will guide you through the best range of frames and lenses for your sport, for example:


  • Polarised lenses are effective in combating glare as well as sunlight, for instance reflections from road surfaces whilst driving and water from when doing water activities. 

  • Close fitting wrap around styles offer good protection from wind and light from the sides, making them ideal for sports.