Don't Let The Sun Dazzle You!

Seeing as we are surrounded by this amazing glorious sunny weather, we thought we would share with you a good quality lens which will benefit and protect your eyes from Ultraviolet rays.

Woman in Sunglasses

FACT: Did you know that UV rays are invisible and painless but pose a constant threat to our eyes.

* Current lenses only offer partial protection, and studies show that UV rays are reflected into the eyes by the back surface of lenses.

* UV rays on the back of the lens are harmful as light often arrives from behind and from the side, making these UV rays particularly harmful.

UV Light Diagram

There are dangers of UV rays and there is a well-known risk for the skin. At least 92% of Europeans are aware that ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can cause irreversible skin damage.

Day after day, the cornea and the lens of the eye are subjected to mild but cumulative exposure, causing our eyes to age and suffer irreversible ocular damage. So, we are excited to share with you more about an amazing lens which will be of benefit too, and patients who have tried this lens have really benefited from it.


This is the lens which will give you UV PROTECTION by cutting down reflection on the back of the lens and will give your eyes the added benefit of optimal protection against UV rays all year round