Are Contact Lenses For me?

Contact lens

I think one of the most frequently asked questions I am asked in my daily practice is am I suitable for contact lenses?

The short answer is, yes you are.

It might not be the first lens you thought of – your friend may have just bought some daily disposable lenses but that might not be your best option.

There are many factors to consider. How often would you want to wear your lenses? Do you want to sleep in your lenses? What is your budget? Are your lenses for a specific sport? Do you have an astigmatism? Do you need multifocals?

So many questions initially but answering these quickly narrows the possibilities for you individually and points you in the right direction. Whatever you choose, there will be a contact lens there waiting for you to wear.

For example, there are daily disposable lenses. These offer convenience, hassle free wear with no cleaning but a reusable soft lens may be easier on the pocket.

Then there are gas permeable contact lenses. These offer excellent vision with long term eye health benefits. Gas permeable contact lenses really step up to the mark were standard soft lenses don’t quite fit the bill but I find they enjoy such bad press. Patients are under the impression that they are uncomfortable. One lady asked me if that was the lens that “felt like glass in your eye”.

Let me assure you that gas permeable lenses are as comfortable if not more comfortable in some instances than soft lenses. Gas permeable lenses are excellent if your eye is on the small side or you have a more complicated spectacle prescription. They are also the lens of choice if dealing with controlling short sightedness.

Handling lenses is another area where people think they may not be suitable. Yes, I think its correct to be wary of putting something on your eye whatever that might be, but with correct instruction putting a contact lens on your eye will be a skill you will soon acquire.