When can my Child Start Wearing Contact Lenses?

Child Wearing Contact Lenses

It is now quite common for children of around 7 or 8 years old, or even younger, to start wearing contact lenses part time - giving them freedom from glasses to enjoy activities such as horse riding, dancing, rugby or football to the fullest and often improving their confidence.

Daily disposable contact lenses are ideal as they are really comfortable and it's reassuring to know that a fresh sterile pair will be used every time. They are made from a smooth soft gel that allows the surface of eye to breathe and some even have a UV filter for extra protection.

Children are very adaptable and are quick learners when it comes to handling the lenses, as long as they are motivated.

Have a try!

We find the best way for them to find out if they are interested is to book an appointment. This way they can let the optometrist gently place some lenses of the correct prescription onto their eyes and then go away for an hour or two (or more) to let them experience what it is like to see without glasses.

During that time, they will probably forget at times that they are even wearing them, so it is a great motivation and confidence booster. Later in the day your optometrist will recheck the fit and vision and remove the lenses for them. If all has gone well then then a further fitting appointment may be needed, and of course we will need to spend time giving them thorough training in safe hygienic handling of contact lenses. It goes without saying that whilst children can usually manage their contact lenses very well, supervision from parents is required to ensure that their eyes are kept safe and healthy.

After Care Once they are confident and safe in placing and removing the contacts we allow them to