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What Frames Suit my Face Shape?

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One of the most common concerns when choosing a pair of new spectacles is choosing a frame that suits our face. If we choose a frame that complements our face shape, we always feel more confident and comfortable wearing our spectacles.

Face shapes can be categorised into 6 shapes: Heart, Round, Square, Oval, Diamond and Rectangular.

To decipher your face shape, move your hair away from your face, and trace a line from your hairline, down to your chin, then back up your hairline, making sure to follow the edge of your face.

The Dispensing Optician will discuss the aspects of different frame styles and shapes alongside your prescription and spectacle lens needs with you.

Heart: Heart faces are wider towards the top of the face, with high cheekbones, becoming narrower at the bottom near the chin. Upswept and aviator style frames complement this face shape. Round frames help to balance the wider top part of the face.

Square: The width of the jaw line is equivalent to the distance from the temples to the top of the jaw line. Square frames will accentuate the squareness of the face, for a softer look go for frames with soft curves or rounder shapes for a bigger contrast.

Round: Similar to square shaped faces, in that the width and length are equal, but with much softer angles. Round frames will accentuate the roundness of the face, so try squarer shapes with gentle curves.

Oval: Oval faces are longer with a forehead that is only slightly wider than the chin. Most frames will suit those with this face shape, so go for something that makes you feel confident!

Diamond: Those with diamond face shapes have high cheekbones, moving to a pointed chin and narrow forehead. Upswept frames help to balance the look of broader cheekbones. Frames that have a ‘heavier’ appearance to the top of the frame will also help to create this impression.

Rectangular: For those with rectangular shaped faces, the length of the face is greater than the width. Look to balance the length of the face with the width by selecting frames that are wider than they are deep.


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