Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

Many people suffer from this but are not sure what to do, apart from use drops to help relieve it, only to find it come back again. Our every day life is changing and more and more people are experiencing it. Many factors can cause dry eye syndrome but simply covering them up is not the answer.

The most common form of dry eyes is what we call evaporative dry eyes. This is where the tears evaporate quickly.

Less commonly is aqueous deficient dry eye. This is where we fail to produce enough tears to maintain a healthy eye surface. We can use drops but this will not solve the problem, it will just simply cover it up.

Some of the causes of dry eye syndrome are; side affects from medications, skin disease, auto-immune disease, insufficient blinking, Laser refractive surgery known as Lasik, eye lid disorders, hormone imbalance…and many more!

There are also treatments available depending on the type of dry eye syndrome you have, many are intrusive but the majority can be managed at home with over-the-counter products.

Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome can be managed as an on going condition. There are a numerous of self care treatments that can help:

  • Artificial tears can help with the burning, gritty feeling after wiping them or when you are in dry environments.

  • Take a break from computers, phones, and tablets. Technology has now embedd