How Often Should I Have my Eyes Tested?

Eye Test

An eye examination is really important and don’t forget we are not just checking how well you can see and if you need glasses. A large part of the examination is checking the health of your eyes and lots can be determined about your general health. Of course, we also want to make sure you have the best vision possible to keep you safe on the roads and enjoying life to the full.

Everyone should have their eyes examined at least every 2 years but for some people this interval needs to be shorter. Your optometrist will advise you when your next exam is due and then we will contact you in good time to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Why would I need an exam every 6 months or year?

There are many reasons your optometrist will request to see you back in practice before 2 years.

We like to see our young patients more frequently as while they are growing they can experience vision changes quite quickly. It is important their vision is as sharp as possible so they can perform in the classroom. We also like to check for any muscle imbalances in younger children – waiting 2 years is a long time in a young person’s development.

There are certain times in life when vision changes and we want to be able to offer you the best care and advice during that period. One of these stages is when you have had about 40 birthdays and you find people start making the print smaller!

If your optometrist notices any changes in the appearance of your eye (usually parts you cannot see yourself) we will ask to check this again in 6 or 12 months. Changes will occur naturally with age and usually need no further investigation. Our optometrists see many pairs of eyes a day and have vast experience knowing when a tin