Are Contact Lenses Comfortable?

Contact Lens Comfort

Have you ever been fed up with wearing spectacles and feel they restrict your life somehow?

We have heard many people call their glasses as “scaffolding” on their face and lots of spectacle wearers hate the weight on their nose and also having red, sore marks on their noses from wearing them.

Imagine playing sport not worrying about having a restricted field of view or them falling off. Even that ideal situation of going to an important social function but not having to hide behind glasses so people actually see your face in its natural beauty!

Most people with an optical correction will consider contact lenses but then think “can I even put them in my eyes?” and “they must feel like having a foreign body in the eyes.”

The truth is that putting something in the eyes IS probably one of the most unnatural things to do.

However, modern contact lenses are so much more comfortable nowadays that often we hear people say that they cannot even feel them in the eyes =! That is honestly how reactions to the latest contact lenses are, even for brand new wearers who have never worn them before.

You may be wondering how is that possible? Well for a start, contact lenses on average can have a 50% water content, and this can go to approximately over 75% in some brands. This combined with a plastic hydrogel polymer makes an extremely soft substance that often is described as having a jelly like feel.

Place a soft contact lens in your hand or bet