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Our Opticians consider contact lens aftercares to be of the utmost importance. Not only is the health of the eye checked regularly, but the contact lenses are assessed to check they are still suitable for you as we check both the type of lens you wear and also see if there are subtle prescription changes.

Contact lens technology is constantly evolving and new contact lenses are regularly being launched, improving eye health and comfort. You are welcome to upgrade your lenses to a newer product at any time, just ask our optician about what may be suitable for you.

As all of our contact lenses are cost price, we frequently review our prices against our competitors and we believe we are cheaper than the Multiple Opticians, especially on the Acuvue branded Contact Lenses.

As our opticians consider contact lens aftercare’s to be an essential part of your eye health check, we will happily price match any of our Acuuve Branded contact lenses for any patients who pay for their aftercare on one of our Total Eyecare schemes. (See our scheme page for more information)

Other advantages of getting your lenses from us are that:

  • We guarantee the lenses against any manufacturing faults

  • We provide replacements for any ripped or damaged*

  • We will swop unopened boxes if your prescription changes, if less than 2 months old

  • We provide emergency lenses*

*1 pair of monthly or 5 pairs of daily every 6 months

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