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Aftercares are usually recommended every 6 months by us or annually if you only wear your lenses once a week. The aftercare is the best way of checking that the contact lens isn’t adversely affecting the health of your eye (sometimes this can happen without you realising it so it’s important to have the check even if you feel happy wearing them).

When attending for an aftercare we ask you to arrive having had your lenses in for at least 1 to 2 hours ideally (this way we can assess the condition of the lenses on your eyes and any affect on the eyes themselves). The optometrist will be interested to learn how comfortable you’re finding the lenses, how long you wear them for and how the vision with them compares to when you wear your glasses. Always bring your glasses along to this appointment as well as part of the examination needs you to take your contacts out and have an orange dye in each eye which means you can’t re-insert them for an hour.

Your vision wearing the lenses will be assessed and any additional prescription that may improve the vision is measured. The fit of the lenses will be assessed using a slit lamp (see below) and then the health of the eyes is also checked as soon as you remove the lenses.

If both you and the optometrist are happy with the lenses then you can continue with them, order more or join a scheme if you wish. If there may be alternative lenses that could be better for you, we regularly offer our patients free trials of these so you can compare. Our aim is to give you as many happy and healthy years of wearing lenses as possible.

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