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Why Lenses?

Contact Lenses can be of great benefit to any current glasses wearer and are recommended by our Opticians.

The following describes what you could profit from if you were to try wearing Contact Lenses:

  1. Cosmetic – A great highlight of wearing Contact Lenses is quite simply that you will not have to have a pair of glasses on your face. Contact Lenses allows you to have the comfort of clearer vision without the feeling of something directly on your skin.

  2. Sports – Contact Lenses can be a great solution to improve sight whilst playing any kind of Sport. They are a safer option to wearing glasses as Contact lenses cannot be knocked off your face like glasses can while playing certain sports such as football. They also offer the vision and support required to see clearly and quickly during games.

  3. Unrestricted vision – Contact Lenses, despite any myths, provides complete unrestricted vision. When wearing Contact Lenses you have the ability to see as you would freely, the same as you would if you did not wear a pair of glasses.

  4. Comfort – One of the features of Contact Lenses is the fact that most people find them very comfortable. We teach you how to handle and clean the lenses and also review this at each aftercare to help you achieve optimum comfort.

  5. Convenience – One of the most beneficial things about wearing Contact Lenses is the sheer convenience of their use. To a Contact Lens wearer, life is made simpler and easier as your sight does not become a constant thought or reminder in your daily life.

  6. Alternative to glasses – Contact Lenses offer a good part-time alternative to wearing glasses.

If you have never tried contact lenses before, the place to start is with a suitability assessment. In this 20 – 30 minute appointment with our Optometrists, they will discuss your contact lens needs and advise you on your options. They will then insert a pair of lenses into your eyes to assess your suitability to lens wear.  There is always a period of adaptation, but initial impressions are very useful in helping us decide whether it is worth you pursuing a contact lens trial.

If this is successful we will teach you how to insert, remove and care for your lenses. Most lenses will be in stock at the practice, but otherwise are generally received within a few working days. You are then able to take a supply of lenses home to try for a week.  This gives you experience in inserting and removing the lenses, and provides us with valuable feedback on how the lenses work in your normal environment. An aftercare (contact lens appointment) will be made within a week of this first visit to review progress.  Another aftercare will then be made within a few weeks after this, when hopefully your contact lens specification can be determined.

Full support available:

For as long as you’re a patient of ours, you have access to our full support. This service includes being able to speak to one of our opticians outside normal working hours (24hrs) to get help and advice if you ever need it.

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