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At Oakwood Eyecare we can tailor any scheme to meet your different needs, whether you just want Eye Examinations, or you need it all!

Need the reassurance that you can see an Optician whenever you feel necessary, with no NHS restrictions or additional fees? With every visit, spread the cost of this ‘peace of mind’ with one of our tailored schemes:

Eye Examinations:

Choose from a scheme which entitles you to your Eye Examinations whenever needed by your Optometrist or whenever you have concerns or questions.  It automatically includes retinal photography and visual field assessments wherever necessary.  These tests allow our Optometrists to make informed decisions on the best possible care, to maintain the health of your eyes, as well as determine your need for glasses or contact lenses, and the most suitable correction for you.

Digital OCT Imaging:

You can include the cost of your OCT screening in any of our schemes.

The OCT scanner has the ability to scan many different layers of the retina and our optometrists have years of experience interpreting the results. This technology now allows us to identify problems that they wouldn’t otherwise be seen. We recommend that all of our patients take advantage of the OCT as part of a thorough eye examination. It helps in discovering serious eye conditions such as Macula Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Diabetic Eye Disease, even behind a cataract. This then allows action to be taken before you are even aware you have a problem.

Do you wear glasses?

What about a LOYALTY discount for each and every pair you buy – not just when there’s a sale on, or from a restricted range or old stock, not just on one pair a year but each and every pair throughout the year!

Spectacle Discounts:

As well as all the confidence that our schemes give you, you can also choose to include 25% discount off all your spec purchases —including your spares, prescription sunglasses, or even your ‘smart’ pair!

You receive your discount on every pair you order to your prescription!

Contact Lens Aftercare Scheme:

This covers all the ongoing appointments you need to assess the fit and condition of your contact lenses, the implications of contact lens wear on the health of your eye, and your contact lens prescription. If you ever need an alternative type of lens, your trials would be covered.

Total Eyecare all the time:

Let us look after your eyes, glasses and contact lenses with our schemes, covering all your Eye Examinations, contact lens aftercares, as well as giving you a discount on the purchase of any prescription glasses, at any time. We can tailor any scheme to meet your needs, whether you just want Eye Examinations, or you need it all!

For more information on which scheme is best for you, and your family, please ask a member of staff.

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