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In recent years there has been major developments in spectacle lens technology, all designed to improve your vision and to make your spectacles look more attractive and be more comfortable to wear.

We are happy to discuss and advise the most suitable lens available for your lifestyle and individual visual needs. With there being so many lens combinations now available, we feel that our expert advice can help you make the correct choice for you and that is also within your budget.

Varifocal Lenses – (the modern alternative to bifocal lenses). These are normally advised for people over the age of 40 to avoid the need of putting glasses on and off to read.  Unlike bifocals, there isn’t a line on the lens but there is a gradual change in power as you look down through the lens, giving you clear vision at all distances.

We offer a 1 month guarantee with all our varifocal lenses, meaning if you can’t adapt to them we’ll change them for you so you’ll never have to worry about purchasing glasses that you can’t wear.

Bifocal Lenses – Bifocal lenses are more convenient than separate pairs (for distance and near) and can be dispensed with the most appropriate width of reading area for your needs.

High Index Lenses – Some patients who have a more complex prescription have had to put up with thicker and heavier lenses in their spectacles. Today’s advances means super thin and lightweight high index lenses now make them look great and feel more comfortable too. Modern technology also means there is less edge distortion on the lenses offering a wider field of vision.

Photochromic Lenses (also known as Transitions)– These are fast acting, variable tinted lenses which darken in sunlight. Indoors they are clear, outside they rapidly darken effectively changing them into darker tints, similar to sunglasses. They are available in grey or brown tints and offer 100% protection against damaging UV light.

Newer photochromics, e.g. Xtractive transitions, go darker than standard lenses and also tint behind car windscreens. Glass photochromics e.g. Reactolites are also still available.

Antireflection Coatings – These are designed to reduce reflections from artificial lighting and car headlights. They improve the appearance of your spectacles by allowing people to see your eyes through your glasses clearly. Most importantly they give a better clarity of vision.

More recent advances in technology now mean you can get the added benefit of them being anti-scratch, anti-dust, repellent to water, grease and dirt, making them more durable and a lot better. The newest offer is a one wipe system making them even easier to keep clean.

All of our coatings come with a 12 month manufacturing faults warranty.

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