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Frame Materials

Your prescription will determine the frames in which we would recommend for you to purchase.  A higher prescription will have a greater edge thickness if you are near sighted and centre thickness for long sighted people. This can make a difference to the type of frame we would recommend to you.

Rimless frames work well for lower prescriptions, but higher prescriptions do not work as well as the increase in thickness becomes more visible.

Plastic Frames

Plastic frames are generally robust materials.  Due to not having nose pads they distribute the weight of the glasses around the nose instead of on the two nose pads which you get on metal frames.  The thickness of the frames can also help disguise the thickness of higher prescriptions.

Metal Frames

Metals have been used to design and produce strong, flexible and light weight frames.  Most metal frames contain more than one metal as well as other materials. This is to provide structure and also to help with the lacquer process to add the colours to the frames.

Frame Allergies

If you have allergies to metals we would advise a plastic frame or a titanium, which will ensure you have no allergic reactions.

Comfortable Frames

When choosing frames make sure you feel comfortable.  A frame may look good but it also has to feel good to wear.  Make sure it feels right on the bridge of your nose, not too tight or too loose.  We always have staff on hand to give you full advice on the look you want but also on the correct fitting frame.

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