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Adult Eye Exam

Adult Eye Exam

You should allow about an hour to get a thorough eye examination.

Tests are done to calculate how well the eyes work with each other in terms of their alignment and how they focus. Vision is measured with any existing glasses and compared to the findings at the end of the test so patients understand how much difference a change in prescription could make.

We routinely measure the pressure of the eyes and also assess the visual field – both help test for Glaucoma.

Also we can photograph the back of the eyes, show the results to the patient and explain what they mean. It is now possible to have an OCT scan which allow the optician a more in depth view of the layers of the retina.

All images are safely stored to provide a permanent record for future comparison.

Adult NHS Eye Examination

All adult NHS patients are offered exactly the same test as any private patient. This usually lasts 30 minutes with the optician and includes the eye pressure and visual field tests for glaucoma.

You can then choose to upgrade your NHS test to include the photo or the OCT scan, ask us for details.

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