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Children’s vision is precious. They are often invited for a test before starting school which checks their vision and muscle balance. If there are any concerns then they would be referred to either an optician or directly to the eye clinic at Derby Children’s Hospital. The optician’s test usually involves eye drops which give a quicker/more accurate result. We would recommend that you attend this service. Routine testing by an optician should start the following year.

You may book your child in for an eye test with us at any time providing they are due or if you have any concerns about their vision. We can use upper or lower case letter charts but also pictures if letter names aren’t yet known. There’s even an assessment that can be made on a baby’s vision using a preferential looking test. Our optometrist will routinely assess the alignment of their eyes, measure the prescription to see whether glasses are needed and check the health of the eyes. The whole test is designed around the individual child and every effort is made to get the best result in a relaxed/fun environment. All results are explained as the test progresses.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to book an appointment.

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