As a valued patient of Oakwood Eyecare, we wanted to share with you the steps that we have taken to help the patients and community we serve.

Emergency eyewear delivered to your door


Ensuring you have the eyewear you need through this challenging time

Why Choose Oakwood Eyecare?

We Care About You
You aren't just numbers to us.
Allowing you freedom of choice 
Providing only quality frames.
Over 25 Years Of Experience 
Providing quality eyecare.
Trusted Reputation 
In the local community. 

Meet The Team

Liz Jackson
Owner / Optometrist
Tom Jackson
Owner / Optometrist
Laura Durand 
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Tom went to Aston University and qualified as an Optometrist in 1990. He worked as a locum in an independent and multiple environment before opening Oakwood Eyecare. Tom is known for his thorough and patient nature and does the majority of the home visits for all practices. He is also responsible for marketing at Oakwood. As health and safety lead and a varifocal wearer he has a good understanding of the needs of VDU users, whether at home or at work.