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We stock a full range of sports glasses within our practice.  These are available in prescription and non prescription.

Nike black swoosh


Nike vision, which we stock, offer a range of tints that are beneficial for different sports.

These frames, should you require a prescription, have a freeform based lens which removes distortion which can sometimes be experienced with sport design / wrap around frames.

Golf tints help with the clarity of the ball and also highlights the contours of the green.

SHOW X2 EV0620 colour 007
SHOW X2 EV0620 colour 007

A choice of Brown or Grey polarised lenses are available to take the glare away from water and also in the winter month’s, from snow.

Orange tints help increase visual contrast in low lights.

Transitions are also available.  This means they adapt to the light conditions in each environment and help with the changing light conditions.

NIKE EXHALE E EV0816 colour 538
NIKE EXHALE E EV0816 colour 538

Options are available for single vision and also varifocal lenses within the Nike range.





We are also able to provide swimming goggles to your prescription.  We can offer competition goggles for the professionals out there.  Children’s and adults prescription goggles are available in a selection of styles and colours. Gator competition goggles without a prescription are great for serious swimmers and polarised non prescription are available for outdoor swimmers, cutting out the glare and reflections of the waters surface.2 Gator junior3 Gator Competition

Swim masks with prescription inserts are also available from us for diving.

15 Extreme Blue

We can also supply both adult and children’s sports glasses to help with different sports.  The frames have protective padding around the bridge and temples to cushion any contact and also come fitted with an adjustable sports band to hold them in place for when you are running around whilst playing sport.  These are glazed with polycarbonate lenses as they are impact resistant as protection is very important.

26 Maxx 20 Crimson



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