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Why should I have an eye examination if my vision seems fine?

Everyone should have an eye examination at least every two years. Changes can occur without you realising it. Sometimes eye diseases can develop and often early diagnosis may save your sight.

Is Orthokertology (Ortho K) dangerous and why haven’t I heard more about it?

The risks with Ortho K are no greater than with conventional contact lens wear. It has been around since the early 90’s (more in the USA) but you may not have heard about it because it is only more recently that the equipment (topography) became available to custom make the lenses.

What is the difference between an aftercare and an eye examination and why would I need both?

An aftercare assesses fully the fit and condition of your contact lenses, the implications of contact lens wear on the health of your eye and your contact lens specification.  We recommend an aftercare every 6 months or annually if you are a very part time contact lens wearer.  An eye examination assesses the health of your visual system as a whole, as well as determining your spectacle prescription.  These are recommended usually every year or every two years.

My lenses aren’t listed on here?

We are independent therefore we can use any number of suppliers – please ask us to find out about your lenses.

How can I buy lenses from Oakwood Eyecare?

Option 1:   Buy when you choose to

Whenever you need lenses, just give us a call, or send us an email, and tell us what you need. Delivery is normally within a few working days and costs you no more to come directly to your home.

Option 2:  Join our Frequent Replacement scheme

Choose how many lenses you require over a 6 month period, and we will register you for a regular shipment. You can collect the lenses or have them delivered to your home, and spread the cost by Direct Debit over a 6 month period. Divide the lens fee by 6 to work out the cost then add on the scheme of your choice and tell us whether you’d also like the solution adding (prices range from £3.50 to £7.00 per month for these).

We recommend an aftercare before each shipment is due so that any adjustments in your needs can be made before the collection date.

Your sight test and aftercare’s must be up to date before any optician can legally supply you with contact lenses.

Can I swap schemes?

Yes. Just tell reception, or your Optometrist, if your needs change and we will manage the transfer of your schemes as soon as we can.

What if I can’t see the frame I want in your practice?

We have the facility to order frames in on approval so if we don’t have what you want on display speak to our staff members who will be able to help you and order in frames to meet your requirements. Or, if you find a frame you like at a different opticians, simply take a note of the manufacturer, style and size and we’ll do our best to order it in for you.


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